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a space for 

the visual expiration of typography

through tangible, moveable vintage wood type. Some work explores typography and meaning through the printed word and the more abstract pieces explore the printed letterforms and the spaces that surround them, giving the vintage alphabets a contemporary language and a new life without the distraction of meaning.

a space for 

artists, designers & creatives

who want to explore the possibilities of print with vintage letterpress type. Create bespoke handprinted art that can be digitised to create artwork for all types of media. 


julia humfress

designer, art director & printmaker who has worked at Vogue House for Condé Nast Publishing, as Creative Manager at Harrods, Knightsbridge. She has freelanced for both national and international clients, creating visual communication solutions for major retailers, international arts magazines and property companies. Her extensive digital design knowledge and printmaking talents make the wood words studio an exciting space for creativity, collaborations & commissions

a space for creativity & collaboration

©2020 by Wood Words. 

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